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FMS presentations at MikroTik User Meetings

  1. Network Simulations with RouterOS by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2008 EU - Krakow, Poland)
  2. MikroTik UserManager in a (W)ISP environment by Sebastian Inacker (MUM 2008 EU - Krakow, Poland)
  3. Dude Workshop by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2009 EU - Prague, Czech Republic)
  4. MikroTik products in a datacenter environment by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2010 EU - Wroclaw, Poland)
  5. The Dude - advanced setups and new features by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2011 EU - Budapest, Hungary)
  6. Switch Chip, Bypass and Co. - Using advanced RouterBOARD Hardware Features by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2012 EU - Warsaw, Poland)
  7. MikroTik in mobile networks by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2013 EU - Zagreb, Croatia)
  8. MikroTik in carrier and ISP networks by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2014 EU - Venice, Italy)
  9. Public WIFI. Challenges of a new old industry by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2015 EU - Prague, Czech Republic)
  10. Building robust and multifunctional enterprise networks with MikroTik by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2015 CH - Zurich, Switzerland)
  11. The Dude is back! by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2016 EU - Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  12. CAPsManager Workshop by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2016 DE - Hannover, Germany)
  13. Vom Internetprovider zum eigenen Autonomen System by Sebastian Inacker (MUM 2016 DE - Hannover, Germany)
  14. CAPsMANv2 by Patrick Schaub (MUM 2017 EU - Milan, Italy)
  15. MikroTik CloudRouterSwitch - Features and configurations by Sebastian Inacker (MUM 2017 EU - Milan, Italy)
  16. Scalable and redundant access concentrators with RouterOS by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2018 EU - Berlin, Germany)
  17. Use cases and pitfalls in MPLS/VPLS networks by Sebastian Inacker (MUM 2018 EU - Berlin, Germany)
  18. Monitoring and debugging (with) RouterOS by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2019 EU - Vienna, Austria)
  19. Let's take a look at the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) by Sebastian Inacker (MUM 2019 FR - Paris, France)
  20. Managing and Monitoring RouterOS by Patrik Schaub (MUM 2019 NL - Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  21. Let's take a look at the Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) by Sebastian Inacker (MUM 2019 NL - Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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